A fully integrated DEX on BSC, offering spot, perpetual, and seamlessly integrated money markets. Enjoy universal cross-margin functionality coupled with lightning-fast performance. Reclaim control.

XYM is a decentralized exchange protocol on BSC, featuring spot, perpetuals, and an integrated money market within a single vertically integrated application. It operates with a hybrid unified central limit order book (CLOB) and integrated automated market maker (AMM). The liquidity is enhanced as positions from pairwise LP markets populate the order book, minimizing gas fees and Miner Extractable Value.

XYM ensures non-custodial control, allowing users to maintain control over their assets on-chain. It boasts low-latency trading and efficient liquidity utilization across various DeFi assets due to its hybrid order book-AMM design and off-chain sequencer architecture.

The integrated on-chain AMM is controlled at the smart contract level, while the off-chain sequencer operates as an efficient off-chain node with execution speeds between 10-30 milliseconds, comparable to centralized exchanges (CEXs). The AMM liquidity, combined with liquidity from automated traders via the sequencer, contributes to a unified source of liquidity.

XYM facilitates high-frequency trading (HFT) and automated trading through its API and SDK, optimizing gas efficiency and interoperability across EVM-compatible chains by excluding low-value, extraneous transactions.

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