Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) empower users with control and autonomy, addressing concerns related to centralized entities like XYM. By eliminating opacity and the need for trust in a third party, users on DEXs maintain self-custody of their assets on permissionless networks, where transparency, decentralization, and veracity are intrinsic to the underlying blockchain.

Despite the advantages of DEXs, several challenges hinder their broader adoption. Centralized exchanges (CEXs) still dominate crypto trading volume, offering users more features, fiat on/off ramping, lower latency, and improved liquidity. The scalability, user experience , and capital efficiency barriers of existing DEXs further compound the advantages that CEXs maintain for the average user.

It's time to redefine the narrative around DeFi-native trading and overcome trade-offs between control and performance. XYM's mission is to bring the performance and features of CEXs on-chain while preserving the benefits of self-custody, transparency, and decentralization native to DeFi.

XYM is a vertically-integrated DEX on Binance Smart Chain, bundling spot, perpetuals, and an integrated money market into a unified trading platform. Trade with high speed, universal cross-margin, and a customizable, user-friendly trading interface. No need to switch between decentralized applications (dApps) – trade, earn, and borrow seamlessly within one DEX.

XYM unleashes the performance and usability of centralized competitors on-chain, ensuring self-custody at all times.

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