📀XYMF Token

The native and cryptographically secure utility token of XYM Protocol (ticker symbol – XYM), is a transferable representation of specified utility functions embedded in the XYM Protocol code. XYM functions as a utility token within the XYM ecosystem, providing users with various advantages. Its utility is designed to create an incentive structure that fosters long-term engagement in the ecosystem's health and development.

XYM's primary objectives include rewarding different levels of commitment to the protocol, emphasizing that net-positive contributions to the extended growth of the DEX outweigh short-term perspectives. The utility of XYM within the DEX encompasses:

  1. Staking XYMT: Users can stake XYMF to contribute to the security of the XYMF ecosystem.

  2. Rewarding Contributions: Variable rewards are offered for different levels of contributions and long-term commitments to the protocol. These rewards aim to incentivize ongoing participation by contributors engaged in transactions or trades on the protocol, off-chain marketing activities, or referral initiatives.

Staked XYM is a requirement for participating in the protocol's incentive program, serving as an indicator of a user's commitment and adherence to standards. Beyond this necessity, staking XYMF generates a user score, referred to as voXYMF, which significantly contributes to incentivizing security and long-term commitment to the protocol.

The possibility of an indefinite increase in token issuance is under consideration, as adjustments to the economic model and distribution mechanisms are explored.

A variety of incentive mechanisms will be introduced to enable active participants to earn XYMF token rewards. These incentive mechanisms for earning additional XYMT token rewards will complement the XYMF reward and utility mechanics detailed further below in this section.

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